Shredding Services in Centennial: Types Available

Everyone knows that sensitive information can’t just be thrown into the garbage. While it might sit there for a while and you may forget about it, thieves might be waiting for trash pick-up day. Though most thieves no longer wait outside dumpsters to steal data, you don’t want to risk your customer’s account information being taken. It could be traced back to you, and then you’d be in trouble with the law. Therefore, it’s essential to request document shredding from an appropriate provider. Of course, other things can be shredded, too. These include X-rays, magnetic media, and hard drives.

XpresShred offers all these options and many more. The professionals here take your information seriously. They know you want to avoid data breaches and provide the right tools to do that. You also have many ways to shred your documents. Plus, you can drop them off at the shop when you have a free moment, or you can schedule a time for someone to come to you. Regardless of what you choose, you don’t have to leave sensitive information lying around at the office or in the landfill. Rest easy knowing that the data is correctly destroyed.

Mobile shredding in Centennial is also available. It’s similar to traditional destroying options, but the difference is that the company sends someone to your location. When the professionals arrive, you provide them with everything you need to have shredded. However, they don’t just pick it up and take it elsewhere. Instead, they stay on your premises and pulverize everything onsite. You can even watch them do it if you like. Not only do you have no doubt in your mind that the information is destroyed, but you can watch the magic happen. If this is something you need or desire, consider contacting the company and receiving a free estimate.

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