Signs of a Good Dog Walker

One of the saddest facts of life is that most job simply doesn’t allow people to bring their pets with them to work. But while this may be a crushing bit of reality, fear not, as there are more than enough people out there willing to look after your furry ball of love and happiness for you. But how do you know that you’ve found the right one? After all, with the internet and sites like Craigslist providing near perfect anonymity, anyone can post about being an NYC dog walking service. Well, before you hire, here are the key signs to look for in order to know that you’ve found the perfect dog walker.

#1. Loves dogs
Getting the obvious one out of the way first, it should be evident from the get go that the dog walker in question absolutely adores all breeds of precious pups. When looking to hire any kind of work, it’s just good sense in general to look for the one that’s clearly getting the most out of their job, because that’s usually the one that will put in the most effort and cut the fewest corners. Ergo, the best dog walker to hire, is one that thinks dogs are the best thing ever.

#2. Good reputation
The internet can be a hot bed for falsities, but on average, user/customer reviews tend to be very reliable gauges for the work quality of an independent contractor, especially with those that work with animals. If the dog walker is part of an organization, then finding user reviews should be an incredibly simple task for you. Even if they have all the qualifications in the world to be handling animals, degrees don’t account for human behavior. This is not a part of the process you want to rush.

#3. They have insurance
Most folks don’t know this, but pet sitting/dog walking is a job with its own line of insurance. Not only does it do its job of protecting those involved when the dog suffers an injury or something along those lines, it also acts as added peace of mind for you. This is how the walker tells you that they are committed to their job, and take it as seriously as they would any other professional position.

Your fluffy friend deserves all the love in the world, so you want to hire someone who you can trust will take care of them. New York Tails meets these requirements and then some, providing all sorts of pet care, from dog walking to overnight pet sitting.