A wedding planner in Boston can be an important addition to the wedding journey. He/she can be the person that adds calm to the wedding chaos. The planner will help in the planning from the beginning right up to the reception itself. He might also be with you later on, handling only the reception. Both require you to work closely with your chosen wedding planner so picking the right one is very important. Usually, wedding planner should be organised, friendly, classy and calm but the following will hopefully serve as a guide on how to select the one most appropriate for you.

  • References – Ask family and friends for referrals. Even from your vendors and venue. They may have interacted with wedding planner in Boston previously that they were impressed with.
  • Portfolios – Peruse the planners’ work on their website or blogs. If their creative style is similar to yours, then it will be easier when the time comes to design your wedding or pick flowers and a colour scheme. The planner’s personality will be revealed via this platform.
  • Meeting – Perhaps the most important of all. Set up a meeting, even if it is on video chat if the wedding planner lives across the country. Ensure that you have a good rapport with the planner and he shares your vision or at least understands it. See if you can work closely with this person. Imagine that you are leaving everything to them and all you have to do is make choices and look pretty on your wedding day.

Make sure you ask plenty of questions. Investigate with whom exactly you will be interacting with during the wedding planning. Who exactly will be coordinating on the actual day? Does the planner take multiple weddings in one day if so who will be assigned to yours? Will you let your wedding planner manage your rehearsal dinner as well? Will the planner be available to assist in setting up? On the actual day how long will he be around for? Ascertain the level of experience the planner has planning including professional background. Ask for a list of services they provide and if something is not included ask if it can be included.

Discounts- One perk of working with a planner is being able to get discounts through this professional. The planners are regular clients of certain wedding vendors and may be able to get you the discounts that you need to save a few dollars.

After the end of the wedding the wedding planner should be paid and if you were very happy with the work then you should offer a letter of recommendation. Some planners also ask for photos of your wedding to add to their portfolio. However, if the planner brought their own cameras during the wedding ensure that this was discussed in the initial meeting with them.

A wedding planner is an almost necessary feature of the wedding process. Ensure you pick the one that is right for your own needs and who feels like the right choice for you. Visit Amazing Celebrations & Events for more ideas.