Spiritual Advisors Share the Stages of Spiritual Growth

by | Feb 25, 2020 | Business

When it comes to improving your wellbeing, remember that caring for your spiritual self is as important as caring for the physical self. As spiritual advisors may tell you, seeking out spiritual improvement and growth can lead to a better and more positive outlook in life, the same way improving your physical self leads to better health.

Every journey towards spiritual growth is different, but it often goes through the same stages. Keep in mind, though, that these stages aren’t necessarily benchmarks of success, but are simply guidelines showing you your progress in your own spiritual journey.

Stage 1: Lack of Self-Awareness

What is a spiritual advisor saying about this stage? This is where everyone begins their spiritual journey, with the lack of knowledge or recognition of their spirit. In simple terms, this is the stage where you might think that there’s nothing more to life than the material things. A surprising number of people find contentment in remaining at this stage of the spiritual journey, but, at some point, one must think of how there could be more to life.

Stage 2: Recognition of Something More

The next stage begins when one realizes that there’s more to life than expected. Anything could trigger the beginning of this stage, whether it’s a difficult moment in life or an unexpected spiritual encounter. This is where your journey begins to gain traction, now that you’ve acknowledged the fact that life transcends beyond material things.

Stage 3: Curiosity

Once you’ve recognized the idea of something more with life, you might begin to feel this instinct, a feeling, to learn more. One day, you might even find yourself asking: shouldn’t I be doing more with my life? Curiosity about life and spirituality begins to grow, which then opens avenues and opportunities for you to explore.

Stage 4: Seeking Advice and Studying Up

As you delve deeper into the uncertainties and possibilities of spiritual growth, you may begin to seek help. Maybe it’s in the form of spiritual books or articles, which shows you a solid path to spirituality. Perhaps you can approach spiritual advisors who can lead you towards the path that fits you.

Stage 5: Following a Practice

A path has been laid down for you. Now, it’s time to follow the practices you’ll need to reach the end of the path. Again, there’s no specific set of practices one must follow, as it often changes or evolves depending on your spiritual path. The main thing to remember, though, is that following these practices will be essential in becoming a step closer to spiritual growth.

Stage 6: Acceptance

As with any other journey, one can’t help but have a sense of competition against others who are going through the same path. Yet there will come a time when this feeling of competitiveness must be removed. Understand that everyone is at the perfect place on their own journey, and any feeling of competitiveness will gradually disappear. These negative thoughts will then be replaced by love and compassion for others, even the ones who have yet to start on their own spiritual journey.

Let Spiritual Advisors Guide You

Wherever you are on your journey towards spiritual growth, you can always seek out help from spiritual advisors to set you on the right path. Remember that there’s absolutely no rush in taking this journey: take as much time as you need in going through each stage of spiritual growth until you finally reach complete spiritual maturity.

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