Stay In Touch With Government Phones in Wisconsin

Cell phone technology and access to online information is a critical part of today’s world. People use cell phones to look for work, stay in touch with their employer, get the best deals on groceries and essentials, and stay in touch with family and friends.

About the Program

The Lifeline Program is a federal program first started in 1985. At that time, it was designed to help low-income families have access to phones for their homes. Today, the program has expanded to include smartphones to help people in Wisconsin stay connected. The program offers quality smartphones to qualifying people through different service providers.

How to Apply

There are specific requirements residents of the state of Wisconsin must meet to qualify for government phones. People receiving government aid through a program like SNAP, SSI, tribal benefits, Medicaid, or public housing can apply online. Other types of programs may also help you quality for government phones Wisconsin, so contacting a Lifeline Program service provider is an important first step.

The Benefits of Government Phones

The program allows residents of Wisconsin to bring their own compatible phone or choose one of the smartphones available through the program. These phones offer unlimited text, talk, and data, along with features such as voicemail, internet access, messaging, and adding your favorite apps.

These plans are also designed to offer additional services at very low cost for qualifying participants to the Lifeline program. It is possible to add data, international calling, and other features to your plan, just as you would with any other type of smartphone service.