Stop by a Coffee Shop in Lancaster, PA for Fresh Coffee & Homemade Pastry

Catching a cup of coffee on the way to work is an American habit. Whether people are off to work in their car with a travel mug or standing in a subway car with a paper coffee cup and lid, they are enjoying a cup of coffee. People become passionate about their coffee shop in Lancaster, PA. They get to know the staff and they love the particular brand of coffee that is served. They also get very excited about the pastry and coffee rolls that are available.

If they didn’t have breakfast, then a bread roll or pastry is the perfect way to fill a hungry stomach. If they are already stuffed from a large breakfast, a gourmet pastry will certainly taste good in the middle of the afternoon. While some coffee lovers are happy with a national or even international chain of coffee shops, others love supporting a locally-owned business. This is certainly the case at Coffee at CoffeeCo where patrons love the artisan breads and creative pastries made in the coffee shop from fresh ingredients. Some well-known coffee shop chains just send out frozen dough from distribution centers and have their staff heat them up in the shop. Smaller coffee shops have unique muffins, scones and pastries that you can only get from them. Local coffee shops love using local fruits and ingredients. This gives them a distinct regional flavor.

Most Coffee shops in Lancaster, PA have loyalty discount cards. A patron can download them on their computer. After so many purchases, the customer can get a free pastry with their order. Many of these shops will deliver to a person’s home or business. This is certainly an easy way fro a busy parent to serve their family a delicious Sunday treat. Bosses can celebrate the successful completion of a big project by treating their employees to fresh pastries.

Homemade pastries are also a fabulous Thank You Gift to send. If you’ve visited friends for the weekend and want to let them know how much you enjoyed their company, you can arrange with the coffee shop owner to deliver fresh pastries the following weekend.