The Importance of Beach Wedding Ministers in Corpus Christi

by | Jun 2, 2016 | Business

When you elope, you are essentially saying goodbye to the requirements that society has imposed on you with regards to how you should get married. It means that you are going to an entirely new place and getting married to the person you love, and that you have complete control over how things will happen, including whether you will have any family members or friends there and whether there will be a reception. Despite the freedom associated with elopements, there are some factors that must still be considered when you are making your plans.

Requirements for Elopement

An elopement is a sudden (or a considerably rushed) decision, so this means you shouldn’t have any special requirements when you elope, except for the necessity of acquiring the marriage license. Requirements for this include proper identification and a proof of divorce or death of your previous spouse if you were previously married. Also, you have to be old enough to marry without permission from a guardian. If not, you need consent from your parents or caretakers. Another thing you will need is an official – somebody who is allowed by law to marry you, and that is where beach wedding ministers in Corpus Christi come in.

Having an Official for Your Wedding

If you really want to exercise the freedom that you get when you decide to elope, why not go ahead and have your wedding on the beach, where only you and your spouse, the beach wedding ministers in Corpus Christi, and the witnesses will be present, along with anyone else whom you decide to invite. That would definitely make it a wedding to remember, and you will certainly be satisfied that you did not take the old, stuffy route of a traditional wedding ceremony.

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