The Importance of Using Software to Manage Your Clinic’s Billing

If you are experiencing issues with the current way you are collecting insurance information, billing, and receiving payment, then it may be time to consider using a third-party software to help integrate and streamline these processes. Here are some of the benefits of relying on mental health billing software for the purpose of billing patients.


When you use software to perform this first step, you can instantly verify the patient’s insurance status to ensure they have a policy and that it is accepting new claims. If the patient does not have insurance, this is also the step where you can discuss payment arrangements with them.

Claiming Services

After the patient has received your services, it is time to separate these services into billable items. This is called taking costs. Each individual service claim will receive a corresponding medical billing code. This mental health billing software ensures that the patient is charged fairly and that you are reimbursed correctly.

Submitting the Claim

After you have calculated the costs of the services, it is up to you to submit the claim with the correct medical coding to the insurance company. This is done much easier when you are using the proper software. By using qualified software, you can ensure that the claims being sent are clean with no errors. This will result in a very low rejection rate.

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