The Most Sought-After Safety Equipment Rental Products in Pasadena, TX

by | Dec 17, 2015 | Industrial Goods and Services

Working on a construction site is not for the faint of heart. Working around heavy machinery can be dangerous, but the proper safety equipment can keep a person safe should something go wrong. Safety Equipment Rental Pasadena TX, makes getting the items needed to keep everyone safe easy and affordable. With all of the types of safety equipment available, it can be hard to determine what is needed to limit the chances of injury on the worksite. The following are the top three products that will help keep everyone on a construction site safe and free from injury.

Safety Glasses

Dirt and other debris in the air can make its way into the eyes of those on the site and lead to injury and infection. Wearing safety glasses will help prevent this from occurring, and most can be worn over top of standard eyeglasses. Most construction sites require the use of safety glasses, as doing so has shown to reduce the chances of eye injuries by as much as 72 percent.

Hard Hats

Most Texas construction sites also require individuals to wear hard hats when they are walking around an active site. This can reduce the likelihood of head injuries and the chances of someone suffering from a concussion after an accident. They also help keep employees safe should they fall and hit their heads on nearby construction materials or the ground. Most insurance companies require the use of hard hats, so be sure to stay in compliance the affordable way by renting them.

Reflective Vests

One of the best ways to avoid injuries is to have everyone on a site wear reflective vests. This will ensure that operators of heavy machinery will be able to easily identify when a worker is in the immediate area. While it may not seem important, reflective vests have been proven to reduce the likelihood of construction site related injuries by as much as 58 percent.

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