The Perfect Balance in Cut and Cool Operation With the Right CNC End Mill Bits

by | May 30, 2019 | Industrial Goods and Services

A CNC machine is an important tool to achieve the perfect cut of woods, plastic, metals and other materials. The cutting bit you use will make a huge difference in seeing the best results. Finding the right balance in controlling temperature and cut quality is largely dependent on your choice of cutting tools.

Why You Need to Keep Temperatures Down

Drastically rising temperatures with your cutting bits can shut down your project for a brief cooling period. Carbide CNC end mill bits work great to help keep temperatures tolerable as you get large quantities of work done. You’ll experience less wear-and-tear on your equipment and fewer shutdowns to cool everything. You’ll also be able to protect the material from any type of damage that can happen through excessive heat. Consider this type of cutting tool for any type of plastic and laminate material.

What Goes Into a Smooth and Clean Cut

Most milling professionals understand the link between flute number and the smooth results of a cut. You can typically get the cutting tool with two or four flutes. The advantages of fewer flutes help the temperature stay within the operating range, but more flutes provide a much smoother cut result. Choosing a carbide construction allows you a workable choice in two or four flute versions.

Cover the Cutting of All Types of Materials

Flute shape will also determine what types of materials you can successfully cut with CNC end mill cutting tools. You can affordably add all of the flute shapes you need to cover a myriad of material cutting. Offer a clean, smooth cut for all of your customers.

Call our experts at Supermill and learn more about the CNC end mill tool selections available to you right away. Find the ones you need at a price you can’t beat.

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