The Perfect Church for Your Family – Does It Exist?

Church-shopping is a practice that many Catholics frown upon. After all, the Bible calls us to be a single body of believers; where we worship shouldn’t matter. However, those with families and busy lives understand that this is exactly why finding the perfect local church is important. Looking for a location that allows you and your loved ones to fully embrace your beliefs and share them with others is the best way to sift through the many churches in Detroit, MI and find the one that works for you.

Biblical Basis Should Be Foundational

No church can be perfect for your family without a firm foundation in the teachings of the Bible. The belief that scripture is inerrant and the basis for all living is the only way a church should operate. Anyone would understand you “church-shopping” if this was not the case for you!

Encouragement is Key

Being religious does not automatically guarantee an easy life. In fact, Catholics may struggle more than non-religious people with the many instances of strife life can present. Encouragement from others is key to maintaining your faith – and is key to growth in that faith, as well.

At a perfect church, you will not only be encouraged to learn new things and delve deeper into your faith but also to worship the way that God calls you to. Choose a location that allows attendees to worship however they see fit and doesn’t discourage you from coming “as you are” to the Lord.

Fellowship Should Be a Priority

Fellowship – socialization with other believers – is one of the most important aspects of the Christian faith. God calls his followers to spend time with fellow believers to offer support, encouragement, and enjoy one another’s company. The perfect church for your family will be one that offers plenty of opportunity for all of this, for every member of your family.