Tips for Choosing a Supplier of Chef Uniforms

by | Sep 15, 2021 | Aprons

A uniform identifies your employees. It’s what they wear when they interact with customers. It represents your image to the world to a certain degree. If you’re shopping around for a supplier for your team’s uniforms, make sure you avoid any of these mistakes.

Compromising Quality for Cost

When you pick a supplier, look for one based on the quality of the uniform instead of the cost. Choosing the cheapest option isn’t ideal if the fabric tears easily. Instead, buy chef uniform fabrics that are durable and will last your staff for years. This also reflects on you as an employer. The quality of their clothes reflects a measure of the regard you have for your staff. If the fabric is good, then that’s one way to show that you value the service that your staff offers you.

Little to No Research About the Supplier

Don’t hire a supplier unless you’ve taken the time to go over the company’s background. How long has the company been around? What other services does it offer? What kind of reputation does it have? What do other clients say about the company and its products? Whatever answers you encounter will help you determine which companies should make it to your list.

Not Checking the Terms and Conditions

What do the buying terms and conditions include? Do you have any concerns or questions you want to raise? What’s the timetable for the order delivery? Is there a minimum or maximum volume for the orders? If you need to process a return, what do you need to do? Knowing well ahead of time will save you effort and trouble later. Some returns need to be processed right away, for instance. If you miss the window, you won’t be able to process the returns, so knowing how long the time frame is a huge help to you BlueCut – Modern Uniforms, Workwear and Aprons.

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