Tips For Driving License Renewal Online In Philadelphia, PA

by | Oct 3, 2022 | Business

As in all other states, Pennsylvania makes it simple for many drivers to complete driving license renewal online. This eliminates the need for qualified drivers in and around Philadelphia, PA, to go into the DMV, visit an authorized PennDOT agency, or complete a mail application.

Can I Renew Online?

Not all current license holders in Philadelphia, PA, or across the state are eligible for driving license renewal online. It is easy to remember that a driver’s license in the state is valid for four years and always expires on your birthday on the fourth year. However, if you had your license suspended or there are other issues with your current licenses, including a change in name or address, you will need to use either a PennDOT authorized agent or the DMV to renew your license.

In addition, those applying for their first REAL ID-compliant license will need to complete the application in person. The online renewal is also not possible if your current license has expired for six or more months prior to the date of application for a new license.

The Online Process

To complete the application for driving license renewal online, you will need your current permit, standard, or REAL-ID-compliant driver’s license number, a card to make the payment, and a printer to print the copy.

If you have questions, or if you want to complete a driver’s license renewal in person, go to a PennDOT approved agency for assistance with the process.

Let the experts at The Browning Agency assist you with license renewal if you cannot use the state website for driving license renewal online.

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