Tricky Spots You Might Miss When Move In Cleaning in Toronto

When you move into a new home, you want it absolutely spotless. You might have spent some time doing some move in cleaning in Toronto, but there’s a good chance you missed a few things. Here are the spots that you might not realize should be cleaned when you move in.

Move in Cleaning Toronto Light Fixtures

Light fixtures are usually cleaned on a regular basis, but they should be cleaned when you move in. They can collect dust and accumulate a gunky buildup as well. You can clean glass fixtures in your kitchen sink and get a great shine.

Cabinet Pulls

If you think about it, cabinet pulls might be touched more than anything else in a home. They are constantly being opened and closed. Make sure to scrub them down, especially in the kitchen where grease and grime can build up. The same goes for regular door knobs as well. You can also take the opportunity to tighten them up if need be.

Light Switches

Light switches are also touched a lot, and they rarely get cleaned. Germs can easily get transferred to your hand. Scrub them clean and disinfect them as well with a sanitizing wipe.


Don’t forget to get all of the corners in the room, and along the baseboard as well. Vacuum thoroughly before mopping the floor until it shines.

Your best option for excellent move in cleaning Toronto is to hire a professional to help. To get things sparkling and spotless, contact Eh! Maids at