What Color Correction Can Do For Your Cherished Memories

by | Jan 30, 2019 | Business

Photographs and digital images are one of the ways we hold onto memories from our pasts. What if those images don’t quite live up to those memories? It may be the colors that are not quite in line with what we remember. If so, help from a reputable color correction service will change that. Here are some examples of what that service can do.

Restoring Faded Colors

With older photographs that you want to convert to digital images, it’s only natural that the colors have faded over time. While they still look great, you know that the tie you wore in that high school prom picture was a bright red to go with your black tux, not the pink one you see in the picture. The right service can restore the color before making a digital copy of your old photograph. The result is an image that is just as vibrant and true as you remember.

Correcting Issues Caused by Lighting Problems

Even with digital images, what you capture may not be exactly what you saw. That’s because low or too much lighting can cause issues with the colors. The nice thing about a color correction service is that the methods used can compensate for having too much light or not enough. When the work is completed, the colors are more like the shades that you remember.

Color Correction Works With Video Too

Do you have some old home films that you want to convert while you still can? Perhaps the film is already beginning to fade. Did you know that the right color correction service can restore the colors on older film or videotape just as they can restore the colors on photographs? Think of what that means in terms of being able to restore those old 16 mm tapes of family events that your grandparents so lovingly made and passed on to you before they died.

Do you have old video or photographs or newer images that are not true to the original colors? The team at Chromavision can help. Visit us at http://chromavision.net/ today and learn how we can take those faded or unusual hues and ensure every color in every image is exactly what you want. Once we are done, you can bet that the corrected copies of your cherished photographic memories will be suitable for displaying, sharing, or whatever else you would like to do with them.

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