What Is the Solar Installation Process?

There has been a growing need for solar energy these days through solar installations. These installations are commonly done at home, and many homeowners consider this because of the economic and environmental benefits of solar installations. Solar panels are composed of photovoltaic cells that convert sun energy to electric energy, mainly used to power different electric devices or for heating purposes as well. The energy is transmitted directly to electrical appliances or stored in the battery for future use. Though a difficult pursuit, the solar installation process can simply be achieved with the right electrical knowledge or proper assembly.

Get to Know More about Solar Installation Process

Solar panels are usually installed and positioned on rooftops. However, these can also be placed as free-standing units closer to structures with sufficient space provided. The solar panels can be effectively mounted with the use of poles, flush and roof-ground mounts. The flush mounts are utilized for installations in the rooftop. The pole mounts are responsible for supporting single or small solar panels while roof-ground mounts are more suitable for ground and roof installations.

Panels must be angled perfectly to direct sunlight as the system tends to produce solar capacity in full force provided that it’s positioned facing the sun. It is also essential to get rid of all the hurdles that block sunlight or else this will work ineffectively. Based on the needs, the panel should be lifted lightly to obtain the maximum amount of sunlight.

The Process of Solar System Installation New Jersey

If in need of solar installations, individuals can rely on Solar System Installation in New Jersey. Make sure that you commit with one of the best NJ Solar Companies to ensure quality installations. There is actually a well thought out process of Solar System Installation in New Jersey. This is highlighted below:

The timeframe for signing up for solar to solar system installation in NJ is generally 6-12 weeks depending on the approval process.

* From the moment the customer signs up to get NJ solar panels, the solar company will start working right away to get the system online.
* The first step is to have the formal site surveyed in which an expert from the solar company will evaluate the roof for its solar access, durability, and size.
* Then, right away the company will submit the SRP paperwork which allows the NJ solar customer to get SRECS. This must be submitted within 10 business days upon signing up.
* Next, the interconnection application will be submitted which outlines the electrical details of the solar panel installation.
* And finally, the permit package will be submitted to the township or local authority which will have an electrical line diagram approved by an electrician and a structural plan signed by an architect.
* The actual installation is quite fast, most homes get installed in only a couple days, and then the panels work for 25-30 years.
* Green Power Energy will also sit for inspection and submit the as-built paperwork to the township for approval so the solar panels can become operational.

If you commit with the best solar companies that are fully equipped with the knowledge and tools for the job, you are sure to get quality Solar System Installation in New Jersey.