What Makes a Fire Suppression System?

by | Feb 4, 2019 | Fire and Security

Think about some of the most common hazards you can experience on any property, whether public or private. What forms of catastrophe immediately come to mind? Most people say flooding, tornadoes or fire. While all of these answers are certainly true, fire tends to be the largest safety risk present for every building and especially so for businesses. This is because business owners tend to neglect equipping their facilities with the proper fire safety. If you haven’t already, it’s important to outfit your business with the best fire suppression system in Louisville, KY. Here are a few of the most common types to choose from.

Emergency Lighting

Emergency lighting plays a key role within the average fire suppression system in Louisville, KY. Should a fire break out while you and your staff are in the building, the emergency strobe lighting serves as a blaring beacon of where you should exit to safety. This helps limit the amount of confusion that may already be unfolding as everyone tries to escape the situation. Emergency lighting also serves the added purpose of letting you know where not to enter or exit, such as elevator systems.

Water Sprinklers

Water sprinkler systems can help control the flames until firefighters arrive. They come in one of two varieties. One is high-pressure, which dispenses water at a high frequency; low-pressure systems perform in the opposite way. Water sprinklers can be a viable alternative to gas suppression.

Fire Alarms

When you hear of the concept of a fire suppression system in Louisville, KY, fire alarms are probably the first component that comes to mind and what you are most familiar with. These are responsible for detecting signs of fire, such as smoke or excessive heat, and alerting you to leave the building as soon as possible.

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