What Should You Talk about on a First Date?

For many Orlando singles today, finding the right person takes a great deal of time. In fact, after you schedule a first date you might be so full of anxiety that you fail to make a good impression. Here are some important tips to remember to help you get through those uncomfortable (and sometimes painful) moments of silence.

What Most Women Expect from a Man

As you sit across from her on the first date, there is no need to be a stunning conversationalist and you don’t have to be constantly talking. In fact, some studies show that women appreciate a man who is focused on her. This is a good time to concentrate on her appearance and find a reason to compliment her. If you are impressed with her hairstyle let her know about it.

OK, you have complimented her, so now what? Try to keep the conversation flowing in her direction by asking questions about her. Here is an example. Suppose she works in nursing. Surely she must have some interesting stories about some of her most difficult or colorful patients. There are many interesting subjects that Orlando singles can discuss, just take the time to think in advance.

If she starts focusing on you, turn the tables and start talking about her. This is one time she won’t mind if you change the subject and interrupt her train of thought. It’s also a good idea to mirror her emotions. If she smiles, you should smile also and the same for laughing. However, don’t be too obvious or she might think you are mocking her.

What Men Expect

If you are a woman on a first date, be definite and consistent. In other words, don’t be vague or beat around the bush when it comes to answering questions. Be direct and to the point. If you don’t like something say so and vice versa. A definite “yes” or “no” is much better than “maybe” or “I think so”.

When it comes to talking, it’s perfectly fine to center the conversation around yourself. Most men actually appreciate this because it takes the pressure off them and they can relax and enjoy the conversation.

The Importance of Listening

Whether you are a man or woman, it’s important for Orlando singles to listen to what your date has to say. This is very likely to impress your date because you are showing you are truly interested. And if you suddenly find yourself in one of those uncomfortable silent periods, mention something you saw on the news lately or anything to spark a reply from your date. Remember, a good listener is considered to be a great conversationalist.