What to Look for When Searching for the Best Pheasant Hunting Lodges in SD

South Dakota has many hunting enthusiasts, and this wide-open land is a popular spot for hunting groups to visit each hunting season. One of the most popular hunted game species here are pheasants, and there are several nice lodges that cater to these hunting parties. Here’s what to look for when searching for the best pheasant hunting lodges in SD.

Inquire About How Many Acres Per Hunter to Be Expected

One of the most frustrating of circumstances for hunters that have waited all year for this prime outdoor opportunity is the lack of enough acres on a hunting lodge property to allow hunters room to not cross paths with the other hunters. Some new hunters may not realize that some lodges have less space to comfortably hunt without bumping into another hunter’s staked-out area.

Always Investigate the Available Sleeping Accommodations

Hunting pheasants all day usually begins before the first light of dawn and can go towards sundown if hunters are up for it. This can tire even the best hunter out there. Always investigate the available sleeping accommodations. Some places offer little comfort or are excessively noisy and not suited for a good night’s rest. Ask about privacy and bathroom provisions to help ensure that your gang will feel comfortable at this location.

Some of the Best Pheasant Hunting Lodges Offer Hearty Meals Too

Along with needing a good night’s rest, a hunter will get plenty hungry too. Choose a lodge offering hearty meals for the best end results.