What You Should Know About Propylene Glycol E Liquid

Smoking cigarettes is very harmful. However, one aspect that people realise is the amount of chemicals and carcinogens that are contained within cigarettes and other tobacco products. This is why vaping can be a way of getting away from smoking.

However, for a lot of people it can be difficult to get away from the relaxing hit that smoking offers. Propylene Glycol E Liquid (PG) is ideal if you use a portable and refillable vape.

Some people feel that the best option is to use water in their vape. There are a few problems with using this as opposed to a glycerol liquid. You don’t get the thicker clouds that people associate with vaping. In addition to this, it can potentially damage your vape (for example it can rust the metal components inside).

People often choose PG over VG (vegetable glycerol e liquid) due to their own personal preference. While VG creates thicker clouds compared to PG, PG is better in terms of how it hits the throat and don’t have a negative reaction (something that a small minority can have).

In addition to this, this extra hit that comes with PG does not require an extra amount of nicotine. If you are someone who is looking to get off smoking cigarettes or other form of tobacco but still want something that has a level of oomph that is comparable to these forms, then PG might just be the ideal option for your personal vaping requirements.