What You Should Know When Hiring A Freelance SEO Copywriter

by | Feb 25, 2016 | Business

If you are in need of copywriting services today, you also have to seek someone who is well-versed in SEO. After all, even if the copy is well written, your business won’t be easily found if you do not incorporate keywords or SEO.

What Is SEO Copywriting? How Is It Different from Other Kinds of Writing?

If you have decided that a content overhaul is currently in order, you will need to find an expert in the SEO industry who can ably represent your company and brand. Therefore, you need to define SEO copywriting first. This kind of writing involves adding well-researched keyword phrases into website’s text so that a company can easily be found in a search. The writing should not only be highly readable and targeted, but informative as well.

Questions to Ask

When selecting a freelance SEO copywriter, look at the person’s background first. What have they written? Is the copywriter well versed in writing articles as well as other content, such as newsletters, white papers, emails, or video scripts? What is the extent of the services that they offer?

In order to find a copywriter who specializes in SEO, you need to become familiarized with the skillsets of writers of this genre. Chat with the individual by phone or email to get a feel for how they work and what their expectations are. You should also ask salient questions about the writer’s level of experience. How long have they been copywriting, and what kinds of verticals do they handle? If you have a complex campaign, then the writer should be highly experienced.

What Does the Fee Include?

You also want to clearly understand what is included in the copywriter’s fee. The money you spend on the writing may not include key phrase research or the addition of meta descriptions. Therefore, make sure you know exactly what you will be charged and what each charge covers before retaining writing services.

Before you retain the services of a freelance SEO copywriter, you also need to find out if the writer is employed in-house or if they work on an outsourced basis. Ask if they can supply samples of their work, and ascertain what specific kinds of copy they typically write. You should also ask about their educational background and how they keep up with SEO trends or changes.

Making a Decision

The fee for SEO copywriting should cover such items as keyword research, a competitive keyword analysis, ideas for the title, and the addition of meta descriptions for the content. Once you find out the above information, you can shortlist your choices and make a better-informed decision. Also, always ask for writing samples or samples of work produced online.

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