When to Call for Sump Pump Maintenance & Replacement in Conyers, GA

by | Jan 18, 2022 | Septic Tank

Sump pump plumbing in Conyers, GA, protects homes from basement flooding caused by heavy rains, grading issues, and more. A sump pump in good condition means households are protected when downpours unleash their fury. That’s why it’s important to keep up on sump pump maintenance & replacement. Here are some signs it’s time to call a friendly neighborhood plumber.

  1. Sump Pump Doesn’t Turn On

There are a few reasons the sump pump might not be turning on. The first reason is that the pump isn’t getting power. Sump pumps need the power to operate. There could be a problem with the electrical outlet such as a tripped or an overloaded circuit. If a thunderstorm has knocked out the home’s power, this will affect the pump’s operation.

Households can avoid electrical issues by installing a battery-operated backup sump pump. The pump takes over when the main pump isn’t operational.

  1. Sump Pump Has Reached the End of Its Lifespan

Sump pumps don’t last forever, but fortunately, they’re not super expensive to replace. If the pump isn’t turning on and the electrical components work fine, contact a plumber for further inspection. It might be necessary to replace the pump.

How to Maintain the Pump

Maintenance for sump pump plumbing in Conyers, GA, is fairly straightforward. Keep the pit free from obstructions, making sure there’s a clear path around the pit. Fill the sump pump with water to the fill level every once in a while to make sure the pump kicks on.

Households who need sump pump maintenance & replacement rely on experienced neighborhood plumbers to help them.

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