Why Bronze Tablets in Arlington, VA Make for Wonderful Awards

Bronze has long been a material associated with honorific items, from medals and busts to statues and, yes, tablets. It is one of the most enduringly popular choices when it comes to a material for crafting awards—and here are just a few reasons why.

Why Bronze?

Bronze has a special place in human aesthetics and technological history. It’s been a part of our story since the aptly-named Bronze Age, which saw the rise of so many of the ancient civilizations that would come to lay the foundations for the world today. Given its roles in Classical Greece, Judea, China, and several other storied civilizations, as well as its use in sculpting the plaques and busts for the Baseball and NFL Hall of Fame, respectively, bronze has been a classy yet sturdy material, thus making it the perfect choice for honoring someone.

Looking for another reason why bronze is a great choice for use in the awards? It’s comparatively inexpensive to other high-end materials without looking “cheap.” That was, after all, one of the reasons it was so useful in antiquity. Manufacturers like Awardcrafters.com know how to make bronze tablets in Arlington, VA with that same mixture of class and craftsmanship; for an inexpensive award that looks anything but cheap.

Collegiate Honors

There is a long, proud history of bronze tablets being associated with scholastic and athletic collegiate awards. If you are looking to order a collegiate award, bronze represents the best mixture of scholastic tradition and cost effective pricing.

Wood and Bronze

Another thing to consider when looking to purchase bronze plaques or tablets for use as awards is the surface to which the bronze portion will be fastened. There are plenty of options to consider here, including granite and various alloys. With that being said, pairing smooth, polished wood with gleaming bronze is a combination used in everything from commercially available sports plaques for minor scholastic awards. The cost effectiveness of both materials combined with the way in which they complement one another make them a perfect choice.

For an award with enduring beauty and brilliance, you can’t go wrong with bronze tablets.