Why Clinicians Should Invest in EMR and EHR Software Systems

In the wake of computer technology advancement, many medical offices began using online systems to store patient records. Initially, this task was not easy, and doctors had to find a way to organize patient medical information in an accessible manner. Read on to find out why clinicians should invest in EMR and EHR software systems.

What is EMR Software?

Some people use EMR and EHR software interchangeably, but they are not the same. Electronic medical record (EMR) software came around first and was used for treatment and diagnosis. It is like a digital version of a paper file on a patient in a doctor’s office. This digital file contains the patient’s treatment and medical history with this single practice.

What is EHR Software?

Electronic health record (EHR) has more depth than EMR software. This record system focuses on the total health of the patient. It goes outside of the original clinician’s office to compile medical and treatment history. The purpose of EMR software is to share information with specialists and laboratories. This system allows for containing data from all clinicians involved in the patient’s care.

Secure and Easy Way to Share Medical Information

An EHR software system can be created, managed, and consulted across multiple healthcare organizations. It allows the patients’ medical information to follow as the person goes through different levels of treatment. Clinicians will have to determine the best software that is effective for their office.

The implementation of this system is cost-effective and allows your office to function better. Contact AZZLY at www.azzly.com to sign up for a package today!