Why It Takes Professionals to Fix Sewer Line Back-Ups

Backed up plumbing is one of the unhealthiest and unpleasant experiences faced by homeowners. Many try to solve the problem with over-the-counter products or even plungers; unfortunately, these solutions often create more problems. They also do not get to the source of the problems, which can sometimes be sewer line back-ups; however, professionals like Horizon Services use a systematic approach and high-tech equipment to quickly find and fix problems.

Plumbers Efficiently Find Problems
Many home plumbing problems are caused by accumulations of hair, soap, grease, and even kids’ toys. Over time, they can cause clogs that back up plumbing and need to be cleared by experts. As a result, customers who have failed with DIY methods usually reach out to professionals, often contacting them at websites like website. Technicians can quickly diagnose the source of problems using specially-designed equipment that is typically camera-mounted. While they can solve many drain problems using water-jetting, snake devices, and cutting tools, more serious problems are often due to sewer line back-ups.

Technicians Quickly Unblock Sewer Lines
Like indoor drains, sewer lines can back up because of clogged objects or materials; however, they can also stop working after freezes or shifting soil crack pipes. Tree roots may encroach and block or damage them. Although there are several reasons for problems, experts now use sewer cameras to pinpoint all causes and even locations. Many now use above-ground technology that can clear webs of tree roots and other obstructions in a short time.

Experts Make Repairs Without Damaging Property
When backed-up sewer line problems include damaged pipes, professionals often use trenchless systems to fix them. Unlike older solutions that required technicians to dig up pipes, trenchless methods work from above ground. Technicians make small holes and work through them. They can reline or replace pipes using specially-designed materials. The process is much faster than traditional methods and does not disturb landscaping or sidewalks. The new piping is also exceptionally durable and often improves sewer efficiency.

Homeowners often rely on sewer experts to fix slow drains and backed-up plumbing because they use high-tech equipment to find and fix drain problems and backed-up sewers. Many can also repair or replace sewer lines from above ground without disturbing landscaping.