Why Use a Commercial Laundry Service for Your Business in Phoenix, AZ?

by | Nov 28, 2023 | Laundry Service

If you’re tired of devoting time, money and space to your business’s laundry needs, why not let a team of laundry experts handle it? Whether you run a hotel, a bed and breakfast or a catering service, here are three reasons to consider using a commercial laundry service for your business.

Save Money

Between paying employees, maintaining equipment and restocking supplies, laundry can take a big bite out of your budget. Using a laundry service consolidates these costs to save you money. A commercial laundry facility in Phoenix, AZ can even help your linens last longer with gentle equipment and high-quality detergent.

Free Up Valuable Space

How much space do laundry facilities take up? Turn that hot, dusty laundry room into valuable space instead. Create a recreation room for your guests or storage space for equipment. You can even turn your laundry area into extra guest suites.

Get Cleaner Linens

If your linens are always dingy or covered in lint, your washers and dryers could be the problem. Sending your linens to a commercial laundry facility in Phoenix, AZ can make them look cleaner and brighter thanks to the professional knowledge and superior equipment and supplies that commercial laundry services have to offer.

Are you ready to leave your linens to the professionals? With over 60 years of industry expertise, Hatfield Commercial Laundry is your trusted partner for top-tier commercial laundry and linen services.

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