Why You May Consider Choosing Private School Over Public School in San Jose

by | Nov 1, 2019 | Private School

Have you ever wondered the difference between private and public schools? The most distinct difference that most parents are aware of is that one may be more financially doable than the other. While this can certainly be true, there are other things you may also want to consider when deciding whether or not private schooling is best for you and your child. Read on to discover the potential benefits of sending your child to private school in San Jose, California.

What Are the Benefits of Private School When Compared to Public School?

1. Class Sizes: Generally speaking, a private school often offers smaller class sizes than a traditional public classroom. Because of this, student often recieve a greater amount of individualized instruction and attention from their teachers, which often has a greater positive impact on student learning.

2. Admission: While most public schools have the duty to accept most children from the community, this may not always be the case with private schools. Some private schools may elect for students to possess particular test scores or other guidelines that must be met in order to enroll. Because of this, you should be careful to familiarize yourself with all admission procedures and protocols if you are interested in sending your child to a private school near San Jose.

3. A Balanced Approach: While many public schools offer extracurricular programs, private schools ensure that it is built into the curriculum and takes up good portion of your child’s day. Some private schools offer sports, curriculum, and extracurricular activities at equal intervals, so that your child gets an equal amount of time in each area.

This is also true of private schools that are religion-based as they often have certain times of the day built into their schedule for students to devote themselves to the study of their religion on a daily, or weekly, basis.

4. Differences in Testing: Private schools aren’t held to the same testing standards as many public schools and, as such, they often are able to choose other standards of testing that may be considered more authentic, and at times more rigorous, than its public school counterparts.


In summary, there are many advantages to choosing to send your child to a private school in San Jose. From extracurricular activities to class size, private schooling may be just what your child needs to give him or her an extra boost in education.

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