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Why You Need Mercury Spill Kits

If your company works with mercury, whether using it for tests or putting into thermometers, you must understand that such a product can be significantly dangerous. Exposure can cause health risks with even the smallest spillage, which can lead to long-term illnesses and more. The problem is that it is a liquid at room temperature and can be absorbed in the body, through direct contact with the skin. The vapours can also be inhaled and enter the bloodstream, ultimately attacking the central nervous system of the body. Therefore, the spill kits used to clean up such a mess must be fast-acting and use a dampening spray to suppress all the vapours and particles.

When choosing mercury spill kits, it’s essential that they are designed for use with such a material. You cannot use general-purpose or chemical versions because they do not have the appropriate materials for such a toxic item. Therefore, you must ask the supplier for that particular kit and make sure that it includes all the elements required to clean up the mess. Similarly, you must ensure that you have personal protective equipment available to put on before using such a kit. Some suppliers may provide it as part of the kit or may offer these accessories separately.

At EcoSpill, they always hope that you will never have spillage or need a specialty kit to clean up the mess. However, they also know that spills are quite common in these industries, so they make sure that you’ve got options. They are a leading supplier of such products, which are designed to keep the environment safe and ensure the safety of your employees. They can also provide training for your mercury spill kits so that you’re always prepared in case of an accident or emergency.