2 Common and Effective Types of Sprinkler Systems for Your Home in NJ

by | Jan 29, 2021 | Fire and Security

Has a recent incident caused you to become more aware and concerned about the safety of your family and property when it comes to dangerous house fires? Have you already acquired a fire extinguisher for your home but feel as if it will not suffice for your needs? Are you now thinking about having a fire sprinkler system installed? If so, then here are two types of fire sprinkler systems available for residential uses.

Wet System

One of the most common but effective types of sprinkler systems available for both commercial and residential uses is a wet system. As its name suggests, a wet sprinkler system utilizes pressurized water to automatically extinguish a fire.

Dry System

Another type of sprinkler system that is rising in popularity is a dry sprinkler system. This particular type of system does not hold pressurized water in its pipes but holds nitrogen or pressurized air instead. Once a fire is detected, the system will release the dry pipe valve which will then release water to extinguish the fire.

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