3 Signs You Need that Upgrade for Your Door Security Devices

by | Jun 20, 2017 | Personal Defense

The FBI says there were about 327,374 cases of robberies across the country, generating a loss of revenue in terms of stolen property that amounted to about $390 million. In line with that, property crimes generated a loss of about $14.3 billion in stolen property goods.

One way to keep residential and commercial properties safe from burglaries is to have better door security devices and systems in place. Here are a few signs you need one in your home:

Your door is broken

Broken doors are an open invitation to burglars and thieves. Some people mistakenly believe back doors aren’t going to net a lot of attention anyway. But a broken door in your property gives criminal elements an opening into your security and home. Make sure that doesn’t happen by having all those broken doors fixed.

Yours is over 10 years old

If you already have a security system in place, but it’s about 10 years old or more, that’s not going to cut it either. With so many changes in technology, there’s a whole slew of better tools and systems to help burglars find an effective way around your old and outdated home security. It’s what they call a Mickey Mouse alarm. Better to upgrade yours to the newest door security devices in the market to ensure better safety and protection for lives and properties.

Yours keep having problems

Old systems will more than likely run into snags. If your system isn’t reliable, though, it could break down right at the moment when you need it the most. Don’t take that risk. Shop around for better security systems and gadgets. Take the time to shop around, browse through picks and get a new one installed. That way, you can enjoy peace of mind, knowing your security won’t be as easily compromised.

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