How Legal Translation Makes a Difference for Clients

by | Jun 22, 2017 | businesseclipse

In most developed nations today, immigrants make up a large portion of the overall population. Because immigrants – be they citizens or temporary residents – are subject to the laws and legislature of the nation where they live, it is important for professional assistance to be available for those with a less than thorough understanding of the primary language spoken. Knowing the laws and how they affect the individual is key for maintaining order and helping immigrant residents receive fair treatment under the law.

What is Legal Translation?

Strictly speaking, legal translation is the conversion of a legal text in one language to a legal document in another. This is done so that involved parties can understand what the document says and how it applies to them. Companies who provide legal translation do so to assist immigrants, law firms, multinational companies and multilingual individuals in comprehending and abiding by the laws of the land in which they reside, intend to reside in or do business in.

It is important that the converted documents be as close to the original content as possible. Not only do translators need to produce a finished document that is verbally similar to the original, but the meaning must not be lost in any way in translation. This is why legal translators must be experts in their field.

Qualifications for Legal Translators

Not only must translators for legal documents be highly qualified linguists, they must also possess an understanding of the laws of the nation or nations in which they work. Knowing the law and its applications not only improves the output of the legal translation itself, but it also allows these professionals to provide advice to their clients, when applicable. With a university education and years of training and experience, these language experts make a great deal of difference in the lives of their clients and their families, and help to make modern, multicultural countries better places to live.

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