4 Mistakes that Kill Your Trade Show Success

Getting little to no leads and prospects from your trade shows? If your previous experiences leave much to be desired and you want to make sure you make the most of it this time around, be on the lookout for the following mistakes.

Getting the wrong display

Displays get people to come to your booth. If you’ve got bad displays, though, people are likely to skip yours and go to the next one. Getting a custom trade show booth design that’s tailored to your brand and business can mean the difference between steady and little to no traffic to your booth.

Forgetting about the lights

Be sure you’ve got additional lighting. Check out the venue beforehand and find out what kind of lighting systems are in place. This will tell you whether you need to get more for your booth displays or not. Make arrangements in advance, so everything will be ready for the event.

Going with the same old thing

If you’ve been to trade shows before, but with little to no success, then you may be doing something wrong. If you’ve been relying on the same boring and outdated displays to get people to come to your booth, that could be dooming your chances of getting the ROI you want. Switch to better displays. Look for firms that offer custom trade show booth design options.

Not talking about the timeline

If you’re having those booth designs made for an upcoming trade show, make sure you talk to the firm about your deadlines. Be clear about the dates—when you will need them and when you will be arriving. That way, you can get the booth displays right on time and stay on track of your schedule.