4 Signs You Need to Toss Your Old Boxing Shoes for New Ones

Boxing keeps you fit, gives you energy and improves your metabolism. If you can’t seem to improve your speed or foot work, it might be a case of wearing the wrong pair. Here are signs you need to start scouting out boxing shoes for men and buy a new one:

You’re in pain

The human foot changes every seven years. It grows bigger in size. That’s why the boots you wore last year might no longer fit you this year. That’s also why your shoes might seem to pinch in places now. If your feet hurt after a boxing session, it’s about time you tossed your old pair over and got a new one. Otherwise, you could end up with short-term pain along with long-term problems, says the Daily Mail.

The soles are worn

Boxing shoes are specially designed to provide you with freer movement in the ring. However, if your shoes are starting to show signs of wear—if you have bald spots on your shoes or if the soles are thin and nearly worn through, then that could get in the way of your movements. If you can’t move with as much ease as you like, it is time to look over boxing shoes for men for new ones.

Your speed is compromised

Bad shoes can keep you from performing at your best. If your shoes are starting to affect your flexibility or speed, then that’s a good enough reason for those shoes to go. If you’re serious about leveling up your boxing game, don’t let bad shoes derail your performance.

You nearly got into an accident

If your shoes are in bad shape, they’re not going to provide you with the ankle support you need. Your feet won’t be as protected as they should be. If an accident happens, that’s going to make you more vulnerable to injuries. Lift weights like a pro. Improve your performance with the right shoes.