5 Reasons You Love Sad Songs

by | May 16, 2022 | Music

Have you ever wondered why you seem to like sad songs? Do you love songs that leave you emotionally wrecked? Here are some of the reasons why that is. Knowing the common reasons behind this can help you process your emotions and make you realize why you’ve always had a soft spot for sad, sorrowful music.


It could be because of nostalgia. It’s a powerful trigger. By listening to songs that remind you of your past or memories, you feel like you’re back to that time, even for a moment. You’ll remember things like they happened yesterday instead of decades ago. That’s probably one of the reasons why you can’t stop listening to sad songs. If you want to check out more emotional songs in Philadelphia, PA,listen to Samuel O’Neal’s “See You Again.”

Vicarious Emotion

Good music helps you live vicariously. By listening to sad songs, you won’t need to go through the emotion personally to know how it feels. That’s also a good way to express your emotions. You could use this as an outlet, or a way to let your emotions out.


Sad music is sad to be linked to the hormone prolactin. That’s the hormone associated with crying, and it is also believed to help you deal with grief. Sad music releases the hormone in your system, which helps you calm down.


Listening to sad music helps you develop empathy. It shows you what another person is feeling. That makes you more careful of how you treat other people. It also makes you less self-centered and more self-aware, so you learn to focus on other people’s needs.

Regulates Mood

Sad music helps you disengage from sad situations like dealing with the death of a loved one or going through a break-up. Listening to lyrics that resonate with you helps you recover from the grief.

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