5 Things to Consider Before Choosing a Reduced Bore Valve

by | Dec 10, 2021 | Business

Recalling the knowledgeable factor, a reduced bore valve is smaller than the internal diameter of the pipe. If compared to a full bore valve, the reduced bore is comparatively lighter than that. To be precise, reduced bore valves are about 30% lighter than full bore valves. It is suitable for low requirements – low convection resistance requirements and other typical conditions.

Factors to Consider for Selecting Reduced Bore Valves

  1. Whether PIG is Used for Cleaning the Pipe

PIG is a kind of ball that is used to clean pipes usually due to clogging and is placed inside them for avoiding such problems.

  1. Go Deep into ‘Piping’

Sometimes, it’s not possible to get a confirmation for using PIG. Rather it’s difficult to do so. At that time, you should change your track and check whether the piping department is taking in the line of the manual ON-OFF valves.

  1. Decision Depending on Service

For utility services like water, it is possible to save costs by choosing the mainframe reduced bore valves. But during the usage of process fluid for line management, such valves will not be preferred.

4. Pressure Drop

Pressure drop is one essential factor that should be considered. Notably, the pressure drop does not stay high so it can create a good impact on the processes.

  1. Customer – ‘The King’

The projects are mainly based on the client’s designs. Full bore valves are always preferred regardless of the services. But regarding the usage of a reduced bore, it is always considered in a Lum Sum Contract project.

As a whole, it has been understood that reduced bore valves are very essential for many projects and can be bought at lower rates.

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