6 Safety Procedures for Teams that Work with Rubber Mixer Machines

by | Sep 26, 2017 | Business

Accidents are common with faulty equipment. One incident reported by OSHA involved the amputation of an employee’s fingers in a rubber mill. That’s the kind of accident you don’t want to happen at work. Here are safety procedures to ensure your crew or team won’t end up with these kinds of injuries:

Provide training

Safety education training as well as technical training to ensure familiarity with the operating procedures of your rubber mixing mill are crucial. This will reduce or lower the occupational risks they face.

Be strict with proper gear compliance

Make sure your crew understands the importance of wearing the proper gear before they even attempt to start operating the machine. Otherwise they could injure themselves in the process. By putting strict reminders and workplace rules in place that will encourage them to wear proper gear at all times, keeping them protected and safe can go easier.

Clean up

Remind your crew that any tools or equipment used must be cleaned after every use. That way, they’ll be ready for the next day. Proper cleaning measures must be met to ensure there are no dirt or debris that could compromise equipment performance.

Organize the space

Cleaning crews must regularly organize and keep your workspace free of any clutter. Clutter can lead to accidents on the job so it’s best if your team keep their work areas clear of any mess.

Always turn off all power

Train your team not to be careless by leaving any of the power, water or gas supply lines open. Turn them all off whenever all work is done. Help them develop better safety habits by letting them know how important it is to double-check everything before they close up the facility or work shop and head home.

Buy from a reliable brand

Get superior reliability and performance from trustworthy brands of rubber mixing mill. With excellent brands, you won’t have to worry about faulty mill parts or components breaking down on you any time soon.

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