Tips To Help You Buy An Industrial Hand Dryer

If you’ve decided to buy an industrial hand dryer for your company’s restrooms, you may be surprised at how many models and options are available. These dryers are beneficial for many reasons, but the goal is to choose the most appropriate one. You want to ensure that employees and customers feel comfortable using the machine, or they may not dry their hands which could spread bacteria. There are three primary concerns when choosing dryers.


The rate at which the industrial hand dryer dries the hands is a huge concern to all. Managers will want them to be speedy so that employees can finish their business and get back to work. Customers and staff want faster dry times so that they aren’t in the restroom for extended periods. Many new models have dry times under 30 seconds, and some are even faster than 10 seconds.


Automated dryers seem to be the most popular because they use a sensor that can determine when hands are placed underneath. The machine turns on and will shut off once the hands are removed. This can save energy, which in turn, saves money. Plus, people don’t have to touch anything to operate the machine. However, if you don’t have a lot of traffic or don’t have the budget, you can always find push-button and other dryers that may be more suitable for your needs.


Loud flushing toilets and noisy dryers are two of the most common complaints in public restrooms. People don’t like to be surprised when they flush or turn on the drying machine, which could cause them not to do it at all. Newer models are much quieter than their predecessors, meaning your patrons won’t wake up the whole building just to dry their hands when using the industrial hand dryer.