Anaheim Commercial Shredding Companies Can Keep Your Documents Secure

Records retention and destruction should be performed by a reliable shredding company. The improper disposal of private information such as birthdates, social security numbers or credit card information can lead to identity theft of customers or employees. It’s important for customers and employees to feel secure and confident about supplying such private information. This type of information should never be disposed of in a regular dumpster. Anaheim Commercial Shredding Companies can supply the privacy and necessary destruction that is needed for private information. Shredding services can be performed on or off site at any business. A shredding company should provide detailed information on how the documents were shredded where the shredded material was disposed of.

Every business needs vary and their rates should also. Some companies have extensive shredding that needs to be performed with signed credit card receipts. Another business may require shredding to be performed on old employee records. Anaheim Commercial Shredding Companies should work with their customers to reduce the amount of documents that need to be shredded. A monthly or yearly fee shouldn’t be charged for a storage container for shredding that’s only emptied once or twice a year. If a company requires shredding on a regular schedule, a fair estimate can be determined.

What do you do with hard drives from a computer? Even when a company believes a hard drive has been erased, they may be surprised to find out critical information can still be stolen by criminals. Destruction of a hard drive should only be performed by an experienced shredding company. Information that lurks deep within a hard drive could leave employees and customers vulnerable to criminal activity if it lands in the wrong hands. A shredding certificate and a certificate of destruction are very different. A certificate of destruction will detail each container that was shredded and how much material was destroyed.

Leaving confidential material in unlocked filing cabinets or recycling bins could lead to a disastrous outcome. Protect your employees and customer’s information through secure and thorough shredding of private information.