Basic Supplies For Cake Baking

by | Jun 20, 2019 | Food Service

When you’re making several cakes for a variety of events, you need to have more supplies than what you would have if you were only making a few cakes here and there. You can order wholesale cake supplies online or get them at a craft store so that you have numerous types of pans and other materials to use when you need them.

Boxes are essential when you’re making several cakes for family members, friends, and others who need a sweet treat for a special occasion. Consider getting boxes in different sizes and with lids that are easy to put on and remove. To make it easier for a customer to see what a cake looks like when it’s picked up, you could get boxes that have a clear area on the top.

You’ll also need a variety of pans as part of the wholesale cake supplies that you purchase. You can get pans in fun shapes and that look like characters so that it’s a little easier to decorate the cakes once they are baked. There are also pans in basic shapes that you’re going to need in a variety of sizes. Cupcake pans should also be included in the products that you get so that you can make cupcakes for customers who might not want a whole cake.

When you begin looking at ingredients that you can get wholesale, consider how long they will remain in your refrigerator or your cabinet. Storage containers are an option for dry ingredients so that they stay fresh a little longer. Flavorings will stay true longer if refrigerated. Decorating items can usually be kept a bit longer as well if stored in airtight containers. Aside from the boxes, pans, and liners, you can also get decorations for the cakes that you make in wholesale amounts so that you have plenty and a variety available.

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