Be Aware of These 3 Items Before You Ship

by | Jun 19, 2019 | Corrugated Box Manufacturer

Shipping a package was a simple process in that time known as “back in the day.” You placed items in a box you found in the closet, stuffed newspapers in it, taped it up, and shipped it out. It was almost as easy as mailing a letter.

That’s not the case today. With policies established after 9/11, there’s much more to consider when shipping out materials. So, before you head out to the post office to send something, here are three items to be aware of.


For those who mail the packages — if there is any space between what you ship and the top of the box, you will be asked to make it snugger. This means adding more packing material, especially if you use custom corrugated boxes to ship materials. So, before the packages are sent, make sure you cannot press down and indent the top of the box.

Custom boxes

Companies like Express Packaging offer patrons custom corrugated boxes to handle their deliveries. If you decide to utilize a custom corrugated box, be aware that shipping costs may increase if the box doesn’t fit standard dimensions. This isn’t simply due to government regulations. In many cases, it’s due to how shipping companies need to pack their trucks when they have custom boxes.


Weight, size, location, and delivery time are now all part of how fees are calculated. Thus, a large, heavy package that needs to get to its destination on the next business day is going to probably going to cost more. So, budgets need to be adjusted.

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