Three Little-Known Ways Corrugated Boxes can Help Your Business

by | Sep 22, 2021 | Corrugated Box Manufacturer

A corrugated boxes manufacturer can help a company get its products in front of a brick-and-mortar audience. When this familiar brown material is corrugated, it becomes stronger because zig-zag cardboard is sandwiched between the traditional flat sheets. This sturdy type of board can be cut and molded into display stands and other customized shapes with special machines. Here are three ways a corrugated display can draw attention to your business.

Pop-up or Isle Display

A cardboard pop-up display is lightweight, easy to ship, and assemble. Because a corrugated boxes manufacturer designs and cuts their products on a horizontal surface, the manufacturer can send the display in its flat form. An employee can put together the pop-up without any tools and quickly load it with the products. It is portable and easy to move around the store, and in many areas, the staff can recycle the stand once they are finished with it.

Counter Display

Cardboard counter displays are firm enough to withstand the many hands that will be touching them. These displays can have fitted dividers to keep flavors or colors separated, which can make the selection process easier for the shopper.


Some ways to make these pieces stand out are to order custom shapes, colors, and sizes. If you want to use the display all year round, order one with a removable header and several seasonal ones, then simply pull out the dated one and insert the appropriate picture. If you need more information on corrugated displays and shipping boxes, contact Express Packaging today!

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