Benefits of a Central Air Conditioner Installation in Washington, NJ

by | Aug 4, 2016 | Air Conditioner

Air conditioning a home can use up a lot of energy regardless of which type of air conditioner a homeowner chooses. While it may sound counter intuitive, Central Air Conditioner Installation in Washington NJ can sometimes be more energy efficient than using window units. There are a number of advantages to central air conditioning.

Less Humidity

While window air conditioners may increase the humidity in the home, the opposite is true with central air. Because of this, homes that tend to be too humid in the summer may benefit from Central Air Conditioner Installation in Washington NJ. When the air is less humid, it’s also possible to feel comfortable even if the indoor air temperature is a little bit higher, so this can also save on energy costs in some cases.

More Energy Efficient

Central air conditioners normally come with more options in the controls, making it possible to set the temperature to just the right temperature and have the unit turn off when that temperature is reached. This means that the air conditioner may be running less during the day than a window unit, which often just has very minimal options for controls. In some cases, these units can just be turned on and off while, in others, the controls give a few more options. For example, there are units that can be turned on the low fan, high fan, low cool, or high cool or that have a dial to allow a person to select how cool they want the room on a scale of one to ten. Newer window units do sometimes allow for temperature settings more like central air conditioning units, but they can still only cool a room rather than the whole house. A central unit can be cheaper than using many different window units. In general, however, central units have higher energy efficiency ratings than window units.


Those who typically only spend time in one or two rooms throughout the course of the day may be better off with window units in each of these rooms, however, rather than spending the money to keep all the rooms in the home cool even when they’re not in use.

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