Benefits of Using Private Food Label Co-packers in Cleveland, Ohio

Both new and established food companies can benefit from working with private label co-packers. From unique, new recipes to customized packaging, co-packers provide food companies the opportunity to increase production and build their brand name. Co-packers offer full-scale support from production to table for food manufacturing in Cleveland, Oh. Scroll down to see the benefits co-packers provide.

Innovative and Tested Food Products

No matter the type of food manufacturing in Cleveland, OH, co-packers can create unique and completely original products that are shelf-stability and freezer tested. Using culinary and food experts, co-packers brainstorm for innovative ideas while fully informed about current flavor trends.

Vast Production Capabilities

Whether the product is new, or tried and tested, co-packers have the capacity for large-scale food manufacturing in Cleveland, OH. From expert cooking to the perfect label and just-the-right jar or multipack, the entire process is tailored for the recipe while observing food company requirements.

High Safety Standards

Regulated by the FDA and USDA, with SQF Level 2 Certification, co-packers can provide the assurance that any food manufactured in their facilities is done with the highest safety and quality assurance standards at all levels of production. They offer allergen management, metal detection, glass control, lot tracking and a centralized recall system.

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