Bring Your Damaged Jewelry to a Professional Jewelry Repair Shop in Charleston SC

A well-crafted piece of fine jewelry makes a wonderful gift that can last a lifetime. Such a cherished belonging deserves only the best care when it is in need of repair or maintenance. You don’t need to retire your favorite necklace due to a broken clasp or chain. Trust an experienced Jewelry Repair Shop in Charleston SC to refurbish well-worn pieces or repair items that have been broken over time.

The best approach to keeping your favorite pieces looking as beautiful as the day they were bought is to have them routinely examined and maintained. Identifying issues like loose prongs and clasps can prevent you from losing stones from your favorite necklace or even the necklace itself should the clasp come undone under untimely circumstances. And a professional polish and clean can restore your family heirlooms to their formerly elegant and stunning state.

In cases where repair is necessary, such as replacement of prongs or clasps, chain soldering, or prong retipping, it’s essential to trust your fine jewelry to a professional. These repairs can be challenging, and knowing that they are performed correctly in order to restore your piece to its former glory should be your priority.

Improperly sized rings can be both uncomfortable and a liability as it increases the likelihood of losing them. Ring refitting can be done quickly to ensure that your new ring fits securely, or you can continue to enjoy an older piece you’ve appreciated for decades despite the changes in finger size that often accompany age.

Fine jewelry is worth more than its simple monetary value. It represents the ideals of elegance and refinement that many people strive to attain in their social engagements or daily lives. Jewelry that is broken or worn simply can’t bring out its wearer’s natural beauty as it was designed to do. Restoring or resizing these pieces will make all the difference in the way you look and feel in your favorite diamonds. So trust the professionals. Gene’s Jewelry & Pawn has a Jewelry Repair Shop in Charleston SC staffed by experienced jewelers including both goldsmiths and diamond setters on premises to help you with any repair or maintenance needs.