The Experts in Installing Gates, Fences, Pergolas, and Railings in CA

Whether you are looking to create an aluminum gazebo for your home or just want to change the railing system to a better quality one, Mulholland Brand Manufacturing can help. Mulholland Brand is the top manufacturer and installer of custom-built gates, fences, pergolas, and railways. Not only are they custom-built, but their products are high-quality, low maintenance, and rust-free. Using high-grade materials allows them to utilize a special high strength corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy. This means your aluminum gazebo will be ready to endure all kinds of elements for the long term. Mulholland Brand adds to its strength and longevity by applying a polyester powder coat directly from their manufacturing facility, located in Los Angeles.

With over 25 years of experience, Mulholland Brand has been installing gates, fences, railings, and aluminum gazebos in some of the most prestigious homes in California. They offer options for all styles of homes like Colonial, Victorian, Craftsman, Mediterranean, or Contemporary. Their mission does not stop at providing quality gates, fences, railing systems, and pergolas. Mulholland Brand has a mission to improve their communities and has partnered with other companies to bring this vision to life.

The types of railings that are offered are hi-tech, open-air, crystalline, ultra signature, ultra max, and orbit 2. Gates and fences include glass, hi-tech, iron, stainless steel, wood, and more. Pergolas include aluminum weave, hi-tech, and profile 24, which is the most versatile design due to its customizable options. If you are searching for a quality company that will stop at nothing to give you your dream railings, gates, fences, or pergola while proudly manufacturing their products in the US, visit