Choosing a Company for Dip Brazing

Aluminum dip brazing has many advantages over welding both for the strength of the end results and its cost saving measures, but it is still a complex procedure that requires a professional. Here are a few ways to find the best braze material companies who can take care of any brazing job:

1. Specialist Brazers

The complexity of metal brazing mean it is best to hire a company which specializes specifically in dip brazing over other types of brazing or manufacturing, such as Hi Temp Brazing, or at least has a large focus on brazing. They should have a specialty work area set up for dip brazing with all of the necessary equipment. Brazing isn’t exactly something that can be done haphazardly with whatever tools happen to be at hand.

2. Correct Equipment

The best braze material companies with a specialty in the area should have the correct and up-to-date equipment for performing brazing jobs. Assembly Magazine says that the technology has evolved greatly over the past 25 years and there has been a boom in mechanized brazing systems. This is why it is all the more essential to find a company which has the newest equipment and is equipped for any dip brazing job.

3. Customer Service

It is not only the equipment and engineers that are important in finding the right company. Just as you would when using any service, you should expect the company you choose to demonstrate good customer service and be a pleasure to work with at every level, from initial calls to follow up communication.

Dip brazing is a complex job, which is why it is so important to find the right specialist company to take care of it for you for a fair price. Look out for the above signs and you will find the most professional service in your area.