A Copper Wire Recycling Service in Baltimore MD Fulfills Many Manufacturing Needs

by | Dec 7, 2016 | Recycling

Copper is useful for a wide variety of applications, including for plumbing pipes and roofing. Copper Wire Recycling Service in Baltimore MD is an important strategy for allowing these products to be reused instead of buried in a landfill and lost forever. Manufacturing industries of many sorts have a high demand for this metal, and being able to buy recycled material cuts their costs significantly.

Interestingly, the recycling of copper is nothing new. In fact, the wastefulness of the planet’s citizens is newer than the concept of recycling and reusing. Centuries ago, people melted copper items that were no longer needed and turned that metal into another item. There was no thought of throwing large quantities of valuable materials into the trash. Because the metal was consistently saved and essentially lasts forever, some copper in each person’s home may be centuries old. It’s possible that copper plumbing pipes from ancient buildings across the globe eventually were broken down and used in products that were transported to the New World.

Most newly mined copper in the United States is used for electrical wiring and different types of cabling systems, with about half of the ore being bought by those manufacturers. Copper wire recycling service in Baltimore MD generally does not provide copper for new electrical wires unless the metal can be returned to near-original purity. Recycled copper is used for purposes such as sheet metal roofing, vehicle components, and certain plumbing applications, although plumbers now commonly prefer plastic pipes over metal.

Recycled copper also can be used in metal alloys, which are combinations of pure metals. Brass, for instance, contains zinc and copper. Bronze contains tin and copper. These metals each have their advantages and account for another reason that recyclers such as Mid-Atlantic Metals encourage customers to bring in any scrap copper they have. The wiring may be hidden inside old landline phone cords and lines, electrical outlets, worn-out well and sump pumps, and many other places. A little online research can uncover the many sources of copper wires that are lurking in boxes in the basement and in the garage.

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