Color Your World with Greenery

by | Jul 19, 2019 | Business

You have a vision for your office space. You want it to be set apart from your competitors. You want to create a place that will make people catch their breath. Garden feature wall designs can accomplish your goals. Your clients and staff won’t want to leave when they are drawn in by artificial greenery that artfully decorates your walls. Choose the right design and it will look so authentic that people will expect you to spray it with water. Greenery isn’t the typical decor. You can make your office grab the attention of others right from the start.

Anyone Can Have Potted Plants

Most businesses focus on their exterior landscaping. They forget how important it is to include greenery inside as well. Potted plants situated around your office aren’t enough. If you want to make an impact on others, choose garden feature wall designs. You can cover the entire wall, have a custom-made hanging wall made from plants, or use your ceiling as your canvas. Consider a combination of artificial greenery products to please the eye throughout your offices and central areas in your building. Your entrance, lobby, and reception area can be enhanced with carefully selected green walls.

Choose an Option that is Low Maintenance

While living plants are incredible, they are hard to maintain. Garden feature wall designs from Evergreen Walls don’t need a specific amount of sunlight, air, or water to thrive. They will look beautiful from day one without any need for care. The only thing you need to do is keep your green walls clean. Visit to view your options. Browse through portfolio photos to see the difference green walls can make for commercial and residential properties. You can go small or you can cover an extensive wall. The way you incorporate artificial greenery in your office is your choice.

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