Create Dramatic Eye Effects with 3D Volume Lashes in Calgary

by | Jul 9, 2019 | Beauty

Many girls in Calgary now use 3D volume lashes to create dramatic eye effects. They are becoming one of the most popular forms of fake eyelashes due to their comfort and natural look, especially when using mink versions. Unlike cluster lashes from days gone by, these lashes look amazingly real without the expected discomfort.

What Are 3D Lashes?

When you use 3D lashes, multiple artificial lashes are attached to each individual real lash. In this case, three extensions are attached to each natural lash. This is also called Russian Volume. The 3D lashes are much thinner than classic lashes. They are lighter weight and fluffier, which creates a fuller look.

Who Are 3D Lashes For?

The new 3D lashes are for anyone that doesn’t have a lot of natural lashes, may have bald spots, have sparse lashes or just desire a more dramatic appearance. These 3D lashes are lighter in weight than traditional lash extensions, and they use a lot less glue when attaching them. These two details make the new 3D lashes a much more comfortable choice as the wearer won’t feel as much weight with them on.

3D Mink Lashes

The 3D mink lashes are the newest version to hit the market. They are currently trending among celebrities, brides and everyday people, and this is for good reason. They look and feel different from standard fiber lashes. In fact, they are made with fuzzy layered ends that do not lie flat. Mink also holds a curl much better than other lash options will.

If you want to correct problems or simply create dramatic eye effects, consider the trendy new 3D volume lashes. They look more realistic than cluster lashes, and people find them to be quite comfortable. Visit Cheap Lash at to see all that are available.

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