How to Measure Successful Search Engine Marketing in Atlanta

You know you need to utilize search engine marketing for your business and there are plenty of search engine marketing companies out there. How do you know what to look for when picking one and how do you measure the successfulness of their search engine marketing strategy for your business? Do you get leads or do you get real potential customers who are already interested in your product and are truly looking for you?

Are You at the Top?

When you Google your industry, do you show up at the top of the search? If not, you need good search engine marketing in Atlanta. Are you even on the first page of a search? If you aren’t at the top or at least one of the top three companies listed, you’re missing out on potential clients.

They Are Specialists in Your Industry

Successful search engine marketing in Atlanta is more than just listing keywords and paying for ads that put you at the top of a Google list. It’s having search engine marketing specialists in your industry creating your marketing campaign. Hiring specialists who have a proven track record in your specific industry and knows the language and lingo of your target audience is vital in creating your search engine marketing plan.

They Can Show Proven Results

Any truly successful and legitimate search engine marketing company will be happy to show you results of campaigns they have created in the past. If they can’t show you results, don’t hire them. The proof your search engine marketing is successful is by looking at your website traffic. Is it going up? If so, are you getting clicks on key areas of your website? Are your newly found customers making inquiries or placing orders? If you’re making money based on your new customers, your search engine marketing plan is working.

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